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Can I live on a teacher’s salary in Thailand?

Monday, February 8th, 2010

I was reading a great article on various case studies of teachers in Thailand, and their salaries and budgets. If you are interested in getting your TEFL/TESOL certificate in Thailand and starting to work here, but are curious about the realities of budgeting on a teacher’s salary, it is a very helpful article. Here is information about average teacher salary in America for comparison.

All-in-all, teachers are realistically able to do pretty well here, save money and live the lifestyle they prefer, saving on some things and spending money on others. Like personal budgeting anywhere else you might be, it’s always easy to spend money and takes some discipline to keep your budget straight.

Some teachers have perks that come with the job such as apartments or food provided by the school district, and some fund this on their own.